AP VSR 90 degree Zero Trigger 4.1

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4th generation of the successful trigger mechanism for rifles VSR system. A list of improvements can be found below.

The durable and reliable trigger mechanism is the basic premise for a successful upgraded sniper rifle. Standard VSR trigger mechanism is sufficient for basic springs, But when you use stronger springs, it significantly increases the possibility of damage. Unfortunately, you can`t avoid this even with cheap alloy triggers. Only steel machined mechanisms will ensure the greatest durability.

Rifles working on a system Marui VSR have a very bad piston catch system. It is capturing only a small edge and angle of 45 degrees. This is sufficient for relatively basic weak spring, but can`t hold stronger springs. In addition, 45-degree system lifts the piston and causes jams in the cylinder. Our CNC metal trigger mechanism offers a different solution. It holds piston at 0 degree (here comes name Zero Trigger). The Surface is larger and can hold strong springs. This solution requires piston replacement. Therefore, it is in the package. And not only trigger and piston, but also steel spring guide and spring based on your choice.

We have also developed own technical solutions and components. For example, construction of the trigger, earing, location of springs, etc..


  • The body of the trigger has matte black color.
  • Spring guide stopper has been redesigned and moved forward. There is no need to push VSR bolt at the end of loading cycle.
  • Spring guide is all made of stainless steel with a perfectly smooth surface for less friction.
  • Hybrid piston has been completely redesigned. Rubber pad now exceeds larger area, stainless steel part is shorter, piston is more lightweight. This reduce the weight by a quarter over the previous generation. And lower weight means higher speed.

This high quality trigger set is dedicated for:

Doesn't fit on M24, Marui AWS, Well MA4401,4402 or Well L96.