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  • £309.99

This is the GOLD Grade MB01 UPGRADE PACKAGE.

All of our packages include the PTFE Tape Mods so a perfect air seal is obtained.

We Field Test every rifle to ensure they are shooting to their maximum potential, making sure the range is over 80m and is shooting accurately.

All packages have a lifetime parts warranty and a 60 day labour warranty

The Gold Package Includes:

AP- Advanced 90 Degree Trigger Set
L96 High Pressure Piston Advanced V2
ASPUK L96 500 Spring
L96 Advanced Ball Bearing Spring Guide
AP- Advanced Steel Cylinder
L96 Steel Cylinder Head
L96 Air Seal Hop Chamber MkL96 Air Seal Hop Chamber
Shooter 499mm 6.03 AEG Tightbore Barrel
Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Hop-Up Packing (Soft Type)