Well L96 Cylinder Head MB01

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  • £15.00

High quality upgrade cylinder head for airsoft sniper rifles.

  • made of one piece of stainless steel on precision CNC machines
  • sealing rubber ring for perfect sealing of the cylinder without air loss
  • glued impact rubber saves the cylinder
  • rounded nose to accurately guide to the HopUp rubber
  • thanks to the shape inlet, the air is ideally routed to the chamber
  • two mount grooves for tightening with a conventional nut wrench
  • two mount holes for special cylinder head key

The head is designed for rifles with the cylinder outer diameter +/- 21.9mm. So, for example: Maruzen Type96, Well MB01, 04, 05, 06, 08, Warrior, Snow Wolf M24, M99, E&C L96..etc.